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Minds In Motion Youth Track Club was established in 2012 by Coach Rafeeq Hassaan & his wife Bianca, an avid coach since as long as he can recall noticed the need for a sports club that not only cater to the physical needs of the athlete but also the mental. "For years I have watched coaches drain every ounce of athleticism from youth athletes but failed to fill their mental tanks with a blue print to be successful in life." When the season ended so did the coaches interest in the youth."....

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March 12th 2016 Bridging The Gap Track Meet

Facebook Family, Friends & Affiliates!! It's time right?....all the negative news......Heart Breaking Stories...Tragic Senseless Criminal acts...feels like we are being pulled apart., torn apart. There is too much love in this world...not to conquer these despicable acts with Love, Communication, Respect, Dignity as the base. We as a Nation have far more in common than what we think..

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